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History. Cossacks

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Historical trip by fortified cities and castles

Region: Rivne Ternopil’


Number of days: 3

Cost: 2500 UAH

Route: Dubno - Zbarazh - Ternopil - Rohatyn - Berezhany - Pidhaytsi-Kremenets - Mezhyrich Ostrozhsky - Ostrog

Significant places of national history, the harsh and defensive castles monasteries, majestic temples, fascinating construction of cities and indescribable beauty of landscapes - all this can be seen in the vicinity of Ternopil, at the junction of the three historic regions of Ukraine - Volyn, Podolia and Galicia. The route will be enjoyed by fans of good architecture, especially those who are interested in the history of fortification art during the trip you will see more than 15 defense installations - from powerful castles to small temples that protect some parts of the cities.

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Berestechko: ways Cossack deeds

Region: Rivne


Number of days: 2

Cost: 995 UAH

Route: Dubno - Plyasheva - Rivne


Battle Berestechko held in late June 1651 - not the happiest episode in Ukrainian history. But the field in which historical events unfolded worth a visit not to mourn over the fate of the land. Scenic forests and meadows around the village Plyasheva (where there were major developments battles), majestic memorial on the island Zhuravlyha, Cossack weapons in museum collections and reproduced anthropologists brave face in the battle - all this inspires, gives an opportunity to feel the power of our ancestors, unites the past with present. In this journey travelers visit places key episodes of the battle, learn what people were actually Cossack army Bogdan Khmelnitsky than were armed and how they fought. And those who are willing and a "pokozakuvaty" will have the opportunity to ride on horseback fields in which our ancestors fought.


In the journey invites Catherine Linden, defensive architecture historian, author of popular science books, "Under the protection of the walls," "majestic background for exploits" and others.


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Shevchenko places: Kaniv and Perejaslav

Region: Kyiv Cherkasy


Number of days: 1

Cost: 590 UAH


Kyiv - Pereyaslav-Khmelʹnytsʹkyy - Kaniv - Kyiv

Everyone has his own way to the Poet. Every ukranian remember Shevchenko's lines, studied at school. And their comprehension comes to everyone at his time. Learn more about the most famous ukranian poet, visiting Kobzar Museum in Pereyaslav and his tomb on steep slopes of the Dnieper in Kaniv. Feel Shevchenko.

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Road to Sich

Region: Dnipropetrovs’k Zaporizhzhya Cherkasy


Number of days: 3

Cost: 2400 UAH

Route: Kyiv - Chigirin - Kodak - Zaporizhia - Novomoskovsk - Dnipro - Kiev


There are landmarks in every country that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. For Ukraine, perhaps the most important of these places is Khortytsia Island, a cradle of will and national spirit. Our journey follows the path followed by Zaporozhye people who valued above all freedom and knightly virtues - some returned to their Cossack homes and others dreamed of joining the fearless owners of rapids and steppes.


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Dniester' region wonders

Region: Vinnytsya


Number of days: 2

Cost: 1920 UAH

Route: Kyiv - Tul'chyn - Busha - Lyadova - Ozarintsy - Shargorod - Kyiv

Pagan temple and magnificent palace; Romantic evening in the country yard and a park of modern sculpture; Picturesque ruins of castles and beach recreation; Ancient rocky monastery, majestic temples and lovely small town houses. This is not a program of a weekly trip, but weekends on the banks of Vinnytsia, which are richly worth a true holiday.


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