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Natural wonders of the South

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Region:  Zaporizhzhya Kherson


Number of days: 2

Cost: 1950  UAH

Route:   Melitopol - Kamyana Mohyla - Askania Nova - Zalyzny port - Hola Prystan' - Greens Farms - Oleshky Sands - Kherson

Southern Ukraine boasts some incredible natural parks, botanical gardens and preserves.

In the steppes of Askania-Nova you will be astounded by freely grazing zebras and buffaloes. This virgin land is the single area of untouched feather grass steppe in the whole Europe. The Black Sea biosphere reserve is rich in beautiful gulfs, peculiar islands, fabulous groves and houses thousands of birds for nesting and wintering.                       .

Oleshky Sands is the largest sand area in Ukraine and the only desert in Europe. Further more – you can bathe in a pool with hot water that comes from a healing spring, whose temperature stays at a 65 °C (150 °F) all year round, and see aboriginal inscriptions at Kamyana Mohyla archaeological site.

Type:  Across Ukraine   Ethnotours. Festivals   Corporate travel   Nature and ecotourism  


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Euro Desert. Oleshkivsky sands
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8.05.2017 Ruslan, Ukraine

Duration of stay: 16.01.2017-19.01.2017

8.05.2017 Andrey, Ukraine

Duration of stay: 2.03.2017-4.03.2017

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