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Sokyryntsi & Kachanivka: old majesties

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Region:  Chernihiv

Dates:  18.09, 02.10, 16.10

Number of days: 1

Cost: 690  UAH

Route:   Kyiv - Sokyryntsi - Trostyanets arboretum - Kachanivka palace and park - Kyiv

Those old majesties have the unique atmospere, calmness and natural beaty. Charming parks and snow-white palaces invite to relax and remember this full of impresions day!


Do you want to be in a beautiful park, shady paths which lead to the snow-white palace?

 Marble statues, sunny meadows, hanging bridge and a gazebo, rotunda, standing on a hill with a small grotto. Inside - a ballroom with columns and stucco decor, large lounge and a grand staircase. Gourmet Empire-style palace seems small, but with the wing in it for more than 60 rooms.

 This is a family estate in Galaganov Sokirintsah, which in the 19th century. became one of the cultural centers of Ukraine. Among the guests were family Galaganov Taras Shevchenko, Panteleimon Kulish, Paul and Leo Chubinsky Zhemchuzhnikov. And yet here was playing the most famous Ukrainian Kobzar Ostap Veresaev, purchased by Gregory Galaganov of serfdom.

 Dendrology park "Trostyanets" and today is unsurpassed masterpiece of landscape art, in its beauty, he has no equal in Ukraine. For hours you can admire the beauty of this unspoiled landscapes, where artfully combines beautiful meadow with a water surface of ponds and hilly terrain and vegetation diversity. It was founded in 1830, Ivan Mikhailovich Skoropadsky - a descendant of Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky.

 In the old park built survived IM Skoropadsky two wings, they lived in guest artists, painters, and other prominent individuals. In particular, the famous painter Nikolai Ge. Traveling through the park you will encounter along the way "magical" a wooden bench. It is necessary to sit down, close your eyes and make a wish. They say that it will come true. And, even in the arboretum is a mysterious convoy of sorrow "Broken Hope".

 Time refreshments - lunch in the hunting Palanca. And another little historical excursion in a private museum Skoropadskys. There are some things that are saved with the Hetman's estate in Trostyantse, as well as other interesting finds, and antiques.

 And here's a noble mansion hospitably opens its gates. Kachanivka always beautiful, but once in the spring in a special way. We only have to walk through the park and breathe this unique aroma of spring ... and do not want to come back to Kiev. It will tell you, as the daughter of the owners of the church in the summer palace was traveling in a sleigh (Sugar!). If you have musical talent, it will be offered a seat at the piano in the hall, where he first sounded themes of the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila" performed by the author himself - Mikhail Glinka. For a nominal fee you can do a lot of photos of the palace interiors, as well as numerous park facilities.

 Indeed, in Kachanivka have to look at. In addition to the snow-white palace with romantic wings there is a water tower, building and electrical power plants, barracks, calf shed and pigsty, glacier and carriage - the whole estate, the best in Ukraine surviving. In Kachanovsky album autographs for the guests left Gogol, P. Kulish, N. Kostomarov, Shevchenko, M. Maksimovic, M. Vrubel, J. Yavornytsky, M. Markevitch - a family Tarnowski cultural and artistic environment has attracted top representatives of the creative intellectuals. Now, here, and visit you!

 The price includes:

- Transfers by comfortable bus

- Excursions

- Support groups

- Health insurance

 The price does not include:

 - Tickets (15-25 USD).

 - Lunch (a delicious lunch in the ethnographic farmstead - 50-60 UAH.)

 - Permits for photo / video shoot

 Cost of the tour for students: 203 USD / person for a group of 15 people.

 165 USD / person for group of 30 two people.

 133 USD / prson for group of 43 people three

 Departure from Kiev - 8.00, p. m Chernihiv

 Return - 21.00, subway Chernihiv


Type:  WeekEnds   Whit Sunday   1-day school trips   Summer tours   Independance Day   Nature and ecotourism  


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Tour photo
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Trostyanets dendropark


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