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Training hangar National Aviation University

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Region:  Kyiv Kyiv City


Number of days: 1

Cost: 170  UAH

Route:   Kyiv

We invite you to visit the largest training hangar in Europe.

This mini - airfield near the center of the city, where more than a dozen different airplanes , helicopters, many auxiliary machinery and other equipment. Most of the equipment was prepared and efficient.

In the hangar, except for the uniqueness of the design of the building (similar construction only in the sports complex "Olympic" in Moscow), many unique exhibits:

- The world's only ANT -7 ( one of the first all-metal aircraft Tupolev , the first copy of which was created in 1929 );

The first test - Yak-42 with swept wings;

The first serial - AN -24;

-9 Th serial Tu -154 - one of the most popular aircraft Aeroflot;

- Rotative combustion engine 1913 issue;

Powerful - turboprop aircraft engine SC - 15000 12VM capacity HP;

Stand - wheel control system Tu -144;

The elements of air defense missile system - C -300.

During this unforgettable excursion aviation technology is activated by voltage. Visitors can see - as a rotating propeller, landing gear, will be able to go inside the airplanes and helicopters, pilots feel after sitting at the helm. Dissection technique allows you to see the "inner" aircraft fuselage structure, wings, and a variety of aircraft systems.

Also, this unforgettable moment can perpetuate photo.

In English, German and other languages:

Price for individual groups 1-3 persons - 70 EUR

Price for 1 person in group 4-6 pax - 30 EUR

Ukrainian/Russian language excursion  -20% from prices

The tour is available in Russian, English, German and other languages.

Type:  WeekEnds  


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20.08.2018 Antony, Great Britain

Duration of stay: 16.06.2015-16.06.2015

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