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Picnic tour to manorial estates: Starokostiantyniv and Samchiki

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Region:  Khmelnytskyy


Number of days: 1

Cost: 890  UAH

Route:   Kiev-Starokonstantinov-Samchiki-Kiev

In just one day you have the opportunity to verify how different were the picture of good housing at different times. It's enough to visit the castle of Ostrog in Starokostiantyniv and Earl Chechelivu Samchiki. The striking contrast between suvoroyutverdyneyu and cozy palace surrounded by magnificent park will not leave anyone indifferent. Each beautiful place in its own good, with each related event interesting and prominent personalities.

 Starokostiantyniv founded by Prince Vasily Constantine Ostrog in 1561 on the site of the ancient chronicle of Kobudo. Castle was one of the many residences richest kind Rus-Ukraine, and the city - another powerful stronghold towards Tatar troops destroyed the flourishing land. We examine picturesque castle on a promontory at the confluence of the rivers Sluch and Ikopoti, and the only surviving fragment of the city fortifications - a defensive unit that consists of a high tower and temple-fortress. Having studied the living conditions of medieval princes, we go to the village Samchiki to see how life was in velykopanskomu estate XVIII - XIX centuries. And life was good there. Samchiki - one of the most beautiful palace and park ensembles of Ukraine, perfectly preserved to our time. Relatively small palace has exquisite interiors, each of which is characterized by its own image and mood. Here is the Blue Hall, which staged scores, Red Hall, the rules for the dining room, Japanese room, whose walls are covered with paintings on the theme and Far Eastern Roman hall that his finish reminiscent of antique grandeur.

The elegant architecture of the palace is closely associated with the British fleet around him. English parks called infinity, because their creators planned relief and plantings so that each individual section formed like the landscape paintings allegedly wildlife - so perfect that even in the frame inserts. Park in Samchiki created a master of garden art DennisMakKler, author of the most beautiful parks in the British territory of Ukraine and Poland.

Customers estate will be able to not only see the palace, but a ride in a real park manor cart nineteenth century.

Journey ends picnic - a romantic gazebo we enjoy tasty soup, cooked in a cauldron on fire. If desired, you can participate in cooking!

The price includes:

- Transport services

- Excursions

- Tickets

- Lunch

- Insurance

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