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Museum of Bread

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Region:  Kyiv City


Number of days: 1

Cost: 230  UAH

Route:   Kiev

The museum contains more than 2,000 exhibits depicting the history of bread, its significance for humans.

      "The Museum of Bread" exists in Kiev in 1983. In a relatively small room, you can find a lot of interesting things. For example, as was done the first test to see tools for the collection and processing of grain (wooden plow, seeder, winnowing, millstone).

     Here you can see a caravan of sixty different parts of Ukraine, ritual baking communion bread, Georgian lavash, kosher matzo.

      In addition, the exhibits dedicated to the poet who wrote about the bread, ancient stupas and millstones - but that's not all. Since there is a museum at the station of young naturalists, first grab the attention of young visitors a summer garden with a giant palm trees and other plants unprecedented, wildlife area with a variety of little animals (talking cockatoo, monkey, he loves sweets, iguanas, fish, and many others), the terrarium

         Next to the "House of Bread" bakery built from primitive times of Yaroslav the Wise, and to the most advanced.

Cost: 105 usd.

Price includes: transportation and excursions, entrance fees, support groups during excursions.

Type:  Kyiv City Tours  


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