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Kamenetz-Podolsk and 7 fortresses Podolia

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Region:  Khmelnytskyy Chernivtsi

Dates:  14-16.10

Number of days: 3

Cost: 2990  UAH

Route:   Kiev - Medzhibozh - Sutkovtsy - Malievtsy - Kamenetz-Podolsk - Zhvanets - Hawtin - Sataniv - Kiev  

Day 1

Departure from Kyiv (08:00, train station)

The first stop on the way from Kiev - one of the greatest fortresses of Podolia, Medzhibozh. Check-interesting here - the magnificent castle, the example which you can trace the development of fortification art. In Medzhibozh we will visit the ruins of the church's defense of the XVI century. rotunda and a chapel-XVII centuries. that were included in the fortification system of the city.

From Medzebozh go to Sutkovtsy to inspect the ruins of the castle XIV-XVII centuries. and the most famous temple in Ukraine's defense. Church of the Intercession was built in the XIV-XV centuries., And then was renovated for the use of firearms. The architecture of the church originally joined the Orthodox tradition, architecture and design techniques of Gothic.

Filled with impressions day ends visit to the estate landlords in the village of Orlov Maleevtsy. Built in 1788 g.dvorets in the classical style surrounded by an English park, created by the famous master of landscape architecture Irishman Denis McCleary, author of the famous "Sophievka" in Uman.

In the evening we arrive in Kamenetz-Podolsky, and everyone can begin to explore the city-fortress and the participants of the festival "Outpost".

Accommodation at the hotel near the famous old fortress - a symbol of the city.

Day 2

Breakfast at hotel.

Kamenetz-Podolsk, the oldest town on the date of the founding scientists argue that until now, has a unique location - on an island formed by the bend of the river Smotrich, which flows in a deep canyon. Over the centuries of the city, and called predmurem Christianity (because he did not just beat the Turkish and Tartar attacks), and the city of seven cultures (because its prosperity at different times of the Ukrainians, Ruthenians blagodarstvoval, Lithuanians, Poles, Armenians, Jews, Turks, Russians) and one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

What wonders are there only! The oldest office building in Ukraine - the local town hall (XIV c.), Majestic churches of different denominations, Cathedral Church of ... minaret, unique waterworks Polish Towns and gates, through which in the case of a hostile attack canyon that surrounded the city, filled with water. But the real charm of the city - its fortifications: Old and New Castle, and strong fortifications, which grew over the centuries Smotrich.

We will visit all the main buildings Kamenetz, a walk to market squares, descend into the canyon Smotrich and climb the Castle Bridge, which is popularly referred to as Turkish. A day is not enough to enjoy the beauty of this amazing city!

Especially when there will be the largest festival of medieval culture "OUTPOST".Participants festivlya, clubs, military historical reconstruction, will live in a recreated medieval settlement XIV-XV centuries.

The festival program: re-creation of medieval battles massovyyh (bugurt), full contact fighting knights, vyystupleniya demonstrations and master classes dance history, medieval fair, authentic taverns, street theater. On this day, the group will perform for you Stary Olsa (Belarus) and the Kings & Beggars (Ukraine) - is a bright and fun!

Day 3

Breakfast at hotel.

On this day, waiting for us way back to Kiev, and the way we visited a few more interesting places. We will visit Zhvanets, which towers over the majestic castle Dniester side by side with Stalin's bunker line. In this fortress in 1653, the Cossacks were kept in the siege of the Polish army led by King. Here we also admire the unique Armenian Catholic church, built in 1782

Next, we proceed to the famous fortress of Khotyn. The majestic fort on the banks of the Dniester River remembers the soldiers of King Danylo of Galich and a lush courtyard ruler of Moldova Stephen the Great. We will see Hawtin way it is rarely seen by tourists: bank of the Dniester will go around the castle, climb the walls and look into the dungeons to get a truly memorable experience.

Journey continues to visit one of the most mysterious places Podolia - Satanov town. We admire the countryside defense Trinity Monastery XVI - XVIII centuries., Consisting of surface and cave parts. In the Satanov will visit the city gates XV - XVI centuries., Unique structure, since it is the gate struck the most damage during the storms, so the facilities of its kind in Ukraine, save some. We shall also see defense XVI century synagogue. and lock XIV - XVI centuries., rising on the banks of Zbruch.

From head to Satanov Letichev. Here we will visit the powerfully fortified monastery of the Dominicans XVII centuries., Artillery Tower of the XVI century. That remained from the local castle and a monument, "Podolski Robin Hood" - Ustimov Karmelyuk, who is buried in Letichev.

The final touch tour - visiting the famous all over Ukraine Letichevsky fish market.Smoked, cured, dried fish from the Bug and the Dniester from local producers - a great fairing of Podolia!

Returning to Kyiv (about 21:00).

Type:  Across Ukraine   Ethnotours. Festivals   Fortress and palaces   History. Cossacks  


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