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Unique Cherkaschina: fjords, castles and mysteries of Tripoli

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Region:  Cherkasy

Dates:  20.10, 10.10

Number of days: 1

Cost: 650  UAH

Route:   Kiev - Buky - Tal'ne - Legedzino - Kiev


Tour program:

8:15 Departure from Kyiv (gathering near the station. Underground "exhibition center")

12:00 Canyon Buky visiting - really a small fjord in the heart of Ukraine.Photoshoot and swimming for the most daring.

Scenic granite canyon near the village of Buky- one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine, and exactly in the top ten most unusual. They say the age of the canyon for more than 2 million years. Every 10-15 meters the relief of the rocks varies at every turn, and river Mountain Tikich opens a new miracle.

13:30 Transfer to Tal'ne - an ancient and unique history of their town. Its jewel is the majestic Castle Shuvalov.

The paradox of history: in the center of Ukraine, on the order of the heirs of Polish aristocrats and Russian, Dutch architect, built a castle in the French Renaissance style. Surrounded by former Count's park, the castle end of the nineteenth century, impressive refinement and grace. It is a pity to see that at this time only the outer part of it.

15:00 Transfer to Legedzino. Dinner.

It is 16:00 here in Legedzino, created a unique museum of Tripoli. Historical and Cultural Reserve combined area of ​​12 settlements - former Tripolye cities. At the site of some of them we visited, and even see these excavations. We have heard thousands of traces of the settlements, these huge proto (500 ha), and perfect ceramics, shapes and patterns that tell us about the outlook of the universe and man the creator. Tripoli culture is still the biggest mystery of European prehistory.

We will see and visit the renovated housing Tripolye - and finally do try to pick up the clay and create from her own creation.

18:30 Return to Kiev - perhaps with a desire to return again to these wonderful places.


Type:  WeekEnds   Whit Sunday   Corporate travel   Nature and ecotourism  


Tour photo
Tour photo


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