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Radomysl castle and real treasures

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Region:  Zhytomyr


Number of days: 1

Cost: 650  UAH

Route:   Kyiv - Khoroshiv - Radomyshl - Kyiv

Precious and decorative stones, jewels in a unique museum in Zhytomyr region. Some samples up to 67 kg! And, of course, a little romance - you will see the majestic castle Radomysl and impressive museum of Ukrainian domestic icon.


These placers jewels - precious and decorative stones in a unique museum in Zhytomyr. Some samples of up to 67 kg! And, of course, a little romance - you will see the majestic castle Radomysl and impressive museum of Ukrainian domestic icon.

8:00 We go to the ancient city Khoroshiv. Once upon a time there was a residence of Mikhail Kutuzov. Today we visit the only museum in Ukraine of precious and decorative stones.

The museum exhibits are presented, some of which are priceless - quartz crystals, topaz colored, a valuable form of beryl - heliodor. The highest was found in the territory Khoroshiv, its length is 135 cm and weighs almost 67 pounds! Stored here as a crystal topaz pale blue weighing over 28.5 kilograms.


In total, more than 1,500 museum exhibits: rock crystal, citrine, morion, aquamarine, amethyst, and other various shapes and colors crystals.


13:00 After a delicious dinner we go to the city Radomyshl for new treasures. In recent years it has become known not only for its beer ...

Forces of the patrons have recently raised from the ruins of the castle Radomysl that beauty shine on the old foundation. The history of the building dates back to the 17th century, later there was a paper mill of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Another uniqueness of this castle is that within him beat the living source.

And here is the world's only museum of Ukrainian domestic icon. A unique collection, compiled by Olga Bogomolets really striking is not even very religious people. After all, there are works of popular and professional artists from all over Ukraine, multimeter home iconostasis carved from wood and painted on the glass icons. And each of these icons - this is the fate of the individual family. The impression memorable!

Price: 240 grn. / Person.

The price includes:

Travel by comfortable bus

Excursions to museums to the program

Support groups

Health Insurance

Additional costs:

Tickets (20-40 USD).

Lunch (optional, 60 UAH).

Collection of: m Zhytomyr


Type:  WeekEnds   1-day school trips  


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29.10.2012 Светлана Владимировна, Українa

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29.10.2012 Ruslan, Украина

Duration of stay: 15.06.2012-15.07.2012

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