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Ancient Chernihiv & Kozelets

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Region:  Chernihiv


Number of days: 1

Cost: 780  UAH

Route:   Kyiv - Kozelets - Chernihiv - Kyiv


If you want to visit a city with 1300 years of history, unique monuments of ancient times and Ukrainian Cossack Baroque, to immerse yourself in the world of legends, epics, dungeons, ghosts and amazing beauty of nature, then you should go to Chernihiv! And in Kozelets you will learn the history of the  Razumovsky family and see the true architectural marvel.

During the excursion you will see:

Chernihiv Dytynets and the Tombs of the Chernihiv Princes: The Citadel and ancient cannons on it. Catherine Church - a monument to the Cossack glory of the XVIII century. Desna River and River Port. Regimental Office, or Mazepa House of the 17th c. - A haunted house. Cathedral of the Savior of XI century. - the oldest temple of Ukraine. Borisoglebsk Cathedral of the XII century. - the tomb of Davidovich. Chernihiv Collegium of the 18th c. - all this is a unique ensemble of Chernihiv Dytynets.

Yelets Convent and Mound Burial Ground in Boldyn Mountains: Yelets Hill and Assumption Cathedral of XII century with the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Yelets and unique frescoes of the XII century. We will pass between the ancient mounds of the X century., miraculously preserved in the relief of the city. Let's take wonderful panoramic photos from the Memorial of Glory and the Eternal Flame and remember our dreams near the Arbor of Wishes.

Trinity-Illinsk Monastery Complex: Church of Illinsk of XI-XII centuries. and the Trinity Cathedral of the 17th century, where the relics of the saints Feodosius Chernihiv and Lawrence are located. And yet - let's descend into the famous Antony's caves and have the opportunity to view the city from an aerial view - from the bell tower of the cathedral (optional).

And finally, we will get to the heart of the city - Red Square, wherein XII - XIII the Torzhok burst out and stands the brick Friday church, the brainchild of merchants and merchants. The House of Merchants of Flowers. Light Musical Fountain. T. Shevchenko Drama Theater

On the way, we will visit the town of Kozelets, spread out on the bank of the Oster River. The main building of the city is the magnificent Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, built in the eighteenth century. at the expense of Natalia Razumovskaya. The tomb of the mother of the last hetman of Ukraine impresses with the monumentality and at the same time solemnity and refinement, reminiscent of a fine work of jewellery. The interior of the cathedral is dominated by a central bath and a linden-carved iconostasis, created with the assistance of prominent architect V. Rastrelli.

You can spend your free time in Chernihiv of your choice (optional):

- to get acquainted with the collection of Tarnovsky's antiquities (former owners of Kachanivka), which is now in the Chernihiv Regional History Museum;

- to visit the Mikhail Kotsyubynsky Literary Memorial Museum - a cosy little house where a Ukrainian writer lived and worked;

- to relax in delicious and cosy establishments of the city - for example, the already famous restaurant "Khryak", tasting fresh Chernihiv beer.

The cost of the trip includes:

- transport service on the route (bus);

- guided tour;

- entrance tickets and excursions to the excursion sites.

Start of the trip: group gathering and departure to Chernihiv at 08:00 from Art. Forest subway

End of the trip: arriving in Kyiv at about 8:00 pm

Tour price with English guide: from 70$ (in group of 6 persons) 


Type:  WeekEnds   Whit Sunday   1-day school trips   Valentine's Day   May holidays  


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