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Lviv: 100% romance

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Region:  L’viv


Number of days: 2

Cost: 1325  UAH

Route:   Lviv

This tour - not just for couples. He like all romantics regardless of age, religion! After Lions - a wonderful city that beckons to him again and again. It is beautiful in all seasons and in all weathers. Narrow streets and cozy atmosphere of the old town will not leave you indifferent to the Lion City.

Day 1

Arriving in the city. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation in accordance with the rules of the hotel. Usually at check-in 14 hours, so in order not to waste time, propose to leave things in the storage room (s) and head dive trip in the old city.

For some it will be like meeting an old friend, and someone will see Lions for the first time. And for each of the city reveal something new and unusual. After centuries created the history here, erected magnificent buildings, lived extraordinary people. Lviv - the heart of Galicia and the whole of Western Ukraine, always remember you for a long time!

Prepare the camera and go, to display: Market Square, where every building is an architectural monument and mystery shrouded in mystery, romantic Italian court, the Armenian Quarter with unique architecture and unique spirit, Dominican Cathedral - the largest in Lviv Baroque remains mighty medieval fortifications, vCard cities - Lviv Opera House. You will learn about the siege and heroic defense of the city, legends and stories associated with local Jews and Bernardine monks, you will hear a lot of colorful local legends that have lions its unique charm.

Lunch in town. The guide will advise you where you can not only eat, but enjoy the interesting and unique interiors.

To continue exploring the lions On the inner world of old Lviv buildings, harbors many secrets, decorations and surprises. We will visit the palaces and homes nobles see the beauty and grandeur interiors of the Baroque and Renaissance. It is a journey where you can smell the Lviv ancient literally. A muse of history Clio prepared his supporters many interesting stories that lurk in the wilds of the old city ...

Plenty receiving impressions, everyone can choose for dinner (or a romantic evening?) The most interesting and suitable place.

Day 2

Breakfast at hotel.

Supporters of coffee that day especially will like. Today, we go on a tour of coffee places in Lviv. This city is like entangled web of history, singing flute and tart smell of coffee. It is unthinkable without coffee or kavaren as said earlier, without their comfort and that special feeling that this stops time. Relax over a cup of coffee in Lviv - a tribute to local traditions and local particle, purely Lviv, color. We will visit some famous local cafes and hear stories about the historical retrospective of the drink by Jeremy Brook.

Let's look also at most vibrant café, which the Lions became famous recently. One of the most interesting, of course, is the home of legends, each room is simply unique - and biggest surprises are waiting for you on the roof. About the "secret places" all probably already heard. But some other places are open only kept secret - now and you ...

After the tour - free time, so that now independently derive oldest narrow streets and time to your taste. You will have the opportunity to relax with a cup of Lviv coffee or climb the town hall, which offers a lovely view of the whole city. And there are many interesting museums - for example, Arms Museum "Arsenal" with one of Ukraine's largest collections of arms or a new and somewhat Art Nouveau museum Salou. Same sweet lovers will certainly recommend to go to the famous Lviv Chocolate Workshop. Well, that same trip Booze souvenirs - must go on opening day.

Price: 900 UAH / Person

The price includes:

Accommodation (1 night in double room)

Excursions (pedestrian sightseeing, tour "Interiors of past centuries" and the tour "Lions with the smell of coffee")

Medical Insurance

Additional charges:

Entrance fees - the basic program 40 USD. We recommend that you carry a USD 20-30 in case you want to look back in a couple of unprecedented and attractions

Road to the city


Personal expenses

For accommodation we have selected for you some of the best hotels in the city: aparthotel "Irena", "Reikartz Dworzec" or "Reikartz Medival." These hotels will hopefully help to create an atmosphere of pleasant and romantic getaway.


Type:  Whit Sunday   Across Ukraine   School tours   Corporate travel   Valentine's Day   Women's Day  


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