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Hutsul Christmas

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Region:  Ivano-Frankivs'k Carpathians Chernivtsi

Dates:  06-09.01

Number of days: 4

Cost: 5150  UAH

Route:   Ivano-Frankivsk - Manyava monastery - Kosiv - Kolomyya - Kryvorivnya - Verhovyna - Kosiv - Chernivtsi

Christmas for Hutsuls - almost the most important holiday of the year. And you can feel this at the very heart of the Hutsulschyna - in Kryvorivnya, where we would get 7 January. During the tour we'll see unique museums and distinctive products of local craftsmen, visit the monastery and folk instruments museum. The magnificent architecture of Kosiv and Ivano-Frankivsk will charm You. And of course on Christmas Eve we'll taste 12 traditional dishes and hear a lot of carols!

We might assist you with train tickets (both directions) if needed!


Day 1/ 5 January

Arrival to Ivano - Frankivsk, or the old-fashioned - Stanislaus.

Tour, which is also called “eastern gate Carpathians”. Stanislaw was founded in 1661 and started at the Market Square and the Town Hall, which survived to this day. In its further development found the imprint of Renaissance town planning ideas of the "ideal city" - they are embodied in the planning of the suburb, its streets, churches and stone houses. Sometimes the city is even called a "small Lviv ".

In the Carpathians, there are a lot of places with a powerful energy and spiritual aura, one of those places - Manyavsky skit. Cozy, quiet place takes you back to antiquity, which saw the wooded slopes of the Carpathians. Enclosed by stone defensive walls, hidden in the forest monastery in the XVI will tell you their stories.


13:00 And yet here we are waiting for lunch in the refectory of the monastery and the ascent to the holy source that flow from the Cathedral of St. stone. Meet the most creative people of Hutsul region, in Kosovo.


17:30 A hospitable mansion "Zhivitsa" is looking forward to accommodate us, located in the heart of Kosovo - the creative capital of the province. It is a great pleasure to spend couple of days in this environment. The main feature of this place is friendliness and hospitality to its guests


19:00 Dinner, evening of acquaintances.


Day 2 / 6 January


9:00 Breakfast.


10:00 Departure to Kolomyya


11:00 We will walk through the renovated historical and cultural center of Kolomyya and get acquainted with its magnificent buildings of the period of Austro -Hungarian times. We will see the central square of the old town hall and churches of different denominations, the oldest theater in the Carpathian region, exquisite villas and public buildings. And make sure that no wonder Coloma attracts artists and visitors from all over the world.


13:00 Lunch.


14:30 Museum of Folk Art and Gutsulschiny Pokuttya we will see the unique beauty of things - ceramics, wood carvings, decorated with folk patterns leather belts and axes, Bartko, traditional Hutsul carpets, folk icons, etc. Also - there is reproduced interior Hutsul house and aristocratic life of the end of XIX century. We will also visit the only museum in the world and the art of painting Easter eggs, the collection counts over 6,000 of those. The architectural structure in the form of the world's largest pisankovogo eggs made ​​of colored glass, was a real hallmark of the region and the city itself.


Free time to buy souvenirs.


17:00 We are moving to the village Sheshory. Dinner in kolyba , which is attended by local musicians (Elective). Return to Kosovo.



Day 3 / 7 January


09:00 Breakfast.


10:00 It's time to get acquainted with the city and Kosovo - it’ll go quiet streets to the city center. Kosovo has long been known as a center of folk art, rich in talent and skill - it's a real capital of the Hutsul folk art. That is not only produce! Here we visit the Folk Museum, which contains a fascinating collection of local starozhitnostey.


13:00 Lunch


14:00 Meeting with Kosovo masters. We will see how real Kosovo ceramics is born by the hands of the master, how it comes to life and takes the form of a piece of clay, how pottery becomes vivid and unique. You can also sit down for a potter's wheel and try yourself! In general, in Kosovo almost every second family has been in some people's craft, and we can see how beautiful it comes out.


Free time. All interested can visit the sauna or Russian bath, skiing or sledding .


Day 4 / 8 January


09:00 Breakfast.


10:00 We leave to Bukovyna - a picturesque corner of the Western Ukraine, which has become a tourist mecca for connoisseurs of exquisite beauty of the old city and mountain views. This is the land of beech forests and fast flowing mountain rivers, and, of course, the capital  - Chernivtsi, which has retained a remarkable architectural composition of the Austrian times.


Introduction to the Chernivtsi should start with the most precious gem in the necklace Bukovina - the former residence of the Metropolitan, now Chernovetsky University. Construction affects beautiful architectural forms and exquisite interior design, in which the national woven motifs. The residence is often compared with carved and inlaid with precious casket.


13:00 Lunch

The city itself is also sometimes referred to as a "paradise for photographers" - there is really a lot of beautiful buildings. Walk on the main squares of Chernivtsi and the main street (it's called now, but once was Panska), will see the Town Hall and Theater. O.Kobilyanskoy, local Alley stars and most interesting temples of the city.


Returning to the mansion, where the owner has just cooked meals for Svyatvechernyy Dinner. Share with everyone some of the sacred mysteries of cooking and recipes.


19:00 Welcome Holy Supper of 12 dishes. The story of Hutsul Christmas traditions and carols little speech that this evening the first start caroling .



Day 5 / 9 January


09:00 Breakfast.


10:00 Departure to the village Kryvorivnya - here and still celebrate Merry Christmas like a century ago.



This baright and colorful action takes place in Kryvorivnya next to an old (built in 1660) Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Bogoroditsa right after the church service. Kolyadovschiki have to go in all the homes, "that the good is not passed the house and land".


As a reliable source of national traditions, village Kryvorivnya always attracts artists - also called "Ukrainian Athens". This place was visited by Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka, Mikhail Kotsjubynsky and Gnat Khotkevich, Basil Stefanik, and many other prominent people. Here Kotsjubynsky wrote his novel «Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", and after half a century Sergei Parajanov filmed his famous movie with the same name; still preserved Hutsul house, where once this movie was filmed.


14:00 Lunch.


15:00 Verkhovyna is where during the Christmas holidays will be festival of Kolyadovshchiks. Due to inaccessability of the mountains, for centuries this territory was not influenced by civilization with its urbanized society. This place has kept many interesting customs, traditions, folklore rituals, translations of folk tales and legends, which in other regions of Ukraine they disappeared long time ago, and even in other parts of the Carpathians are not so well preserved. Visit the museum of folk musical instruments Roman Kumlika .


We say “Good Bye” to the Carpathian Mountains and we are going home. Overwhelmed with vivid impressions, and, hopefully, a desire to travel with us again.

For more details about prices and other please do not hesitate to contact us!


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