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Ascania-Nova ecotour

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Region:  Kherson


Number of days: 2

Cost: 1850  UAH

Route:   Herson - Black Sea cost - Ascania-Nova - Herson


Day 1

Departure to Oleshkovsky Sands.

A trip to Oleshkovsky Sands - the largest desert (at least the largest sand massif) in Europe. The total area of ​​sand is 2100 km2, here you will see 5-8 meter sand dunes ("Kuchugury") and oases with birch, aspen and pine groves and lakes. Kuchugurs are not constant - under the influence of wind, they slowly "crawl" along the surface of the sand arena, changing its landscape.

In the steppes of Tavria there is a unique place where in 2.5 hours it is possible:

- make a time travel and visit the green Tavrian steppes, see and hear their inhabitants (lapwings, herons and many other birds and waterfowl),

- find out the history of the development of Cossack weapons and see some of its samples in action;

- get into a real Ukrainian hut and see the history of the development of national life until the second half of the twentieth century,

- visit the pottery workshop, the forge, the fishing museum, see the work of the masters in weaving and weaving,

- taste herbal tea in a corner of the herbalist and taste the best honey - and that's not all!

Lunch in the national style.

Acquaintance with the mermaid and the city of Golaya Pristan - the watermelon capital of Ukraine.

Moving to a unique geyser source.

Bathing in a geyser spring with hot bromo-iodine healing water.

Back in ancient times, scientists appreciated the healing properties of geysers. Here you will find salt water, hydromassage, and a sauna. Air massage gently affects the whole body, relieving stress accumulated in the body, moist steam removes harmful substances from the body, stimulates blood circulation, the composition of the water contributes to the overall healing of the body.

In the Kherson region, a geyser was opened for visiting in the summer of 2005. Now at the source are equipped three baths - two with hot water and one with healing mud. The water in the source is brown-brown in color from dissolved iodine and is very salty. The geyser temperature is about 65 degrees, in the pool - 45-50 degrees.

Departure to Skadovsk (Iron Port) - a resort village on the Black Sea.

Settlement in a comfortable guesthouse on the very shore of the Black Sea.

And here we are at sea !!! A wonderful opportunity to swim and breathe in the fresh sea air!


Day 2

We’ll visit a unique nature reserve - Askania Nova. The nature reserve was established in 1898 by Friedrich-Jacob Eduardovych Falz-Fein (1863–1920).

In 2008, Askania was named one of Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.

In addition to local species it hosts ostriches, bisons, antelopes, wild horses, llamas, zebras and many bird species. More than 200 species of foliaceous and coniferous plants were brought from different parts of the world and planted in the dendrologic garden during 1885 - 1902. About 600 higher plants (both perennial and annual), 16 species of which were entered to the Red Data Book of Ukraine, have been preserved in their primary natural form.


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Euro Desert. Oleshkivsky sands
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Duration of stay: 12.05.2012-13.05.2012

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