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About Ukraine

The land of Ukraine is rich for tourist discoveries. Nature has given us a picturesque seashore and high blue mountains, the biggest desert and lake in Europe, quiet forests and huge rivers. Ancient history has left us unique architectural monuments, castles and beautiful churches in all religions. Every region of the country is charming in its own way. Every time you travel to Ukraine you will discover new aspects of Ukraine.

Kyiv is the soul of Ukraine, playing a key role in the past, present and future of the country. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Kyiv is covered in a sea of greenery, which can be seen everywhere - in its many parks, boulevards and gardens. At every corner of every street you will find beautiful historic sites.

There are certain cities that symbolize a nation, and Kyiv is one of them. For almost 300 years Kyiv has been the centre of Kyivan Rus, a mighty Eastern Slavic state which territory was spread from the Western Buh to the Volga, from the Black Sea to the Baltic. It was a shield that protected Europe from the invasions of savage nomads. Hordes of invaders poured into our nation for centuries, but every time they were turned back by the Slavic stronghold. The Kievan Rus’ state disintegrated during the 12th and 13th centuries, and some of its territories came under the controol of Moscow and Poland. One can only imagine what Kyiv would have become if there were no continuing invasions that began in 1240 by roaming Mongol Tatars and continued for 700 years, including the German occupation of World War II. The Germans destroyed 40 per cent of the city, while the retreating Soviets destroyed much of Khreschatyk Street, the main street of Kyiv. Even during the peaceful time, hundreds of churches and cathedrals, architectural and historical masterpieces, were destroyed during the 1920s and 1930s.

Today we witness a great time in Kyiv and in Ukrainian history. Kyiv has a population of over three million people, the same as Rome, Paris, and Madrid, one can easily observe development and changes of this beautiful city. Nevertheless, Kyiv also faces common challenges that other European cities do as well.

After seven decades of Soviet dominance, Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has emerged as one of Europe’s most vibrant 21st-century cities. With a thriving contemporary art scene, a new generation of chefs taking innovative approaches to Ukrainian cuisine, and a delirious dance-til-dawn night life, Kyiv — last year a co-host of the 2012 European Soccer Championship — is a weekend magnet for European and Russian fashionistas. But new cuisine and clubs are only the latest cultural attributes of a city that has more than its share of ancient catacombs, churches and monuments. Don’t let Kiev’s reputation as “the birthplace of the Slavs” conjure up stereotypes of Slavic dourness. For starters, the city looks as if it was painted like a Ukrainian Easter egg, with brightly colored buildings and gold domes glittering on the hills above the Dnieper River. And then there are the Kievans themselves — a resilient lot whose hearty sense of humor and a seemingly boundless hunger for fun are reflected in the city’s bustling cafes, thronged beaches and bars that never close.


5 reasons to visit Ukraine:

1. Here everyone can find their favorite form of recreation, from skiing in the winter to the summer beach holiday, exciting tours and breathtaking hiking and alloys; ethnic tours and food festivals - almost everything you can imagine.

2. Prices are significantly lower than for similar travel services in other countries and even in Russia.

3. Our common historical and cultural heritage: you are waiting for a city of legend Kyiv - the "mother of Rus cities" and the european-fashioned L'viv, city-hero Sevastopol and Odessa-mother, as well as other wonderful cities.

4. Breathtaking nature - from the vast Carpathian Mountains to Crimea subtropics, unique natural parks and reserves, blossoming valleys and the beautiful Black Sea.

5. Hospitable people - who fed the most delicious soup in the world, will dance fiery dance or sing a soulful song - all sincerity and good faith.


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